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Needs Foster Home

Sally (PA)

fostered in PA
3 yr old 
fawn female
Natural ears
Docked Tail
Weight/Size: Medium Boxer

Adopt A Boxer Pair...
Two Boxers can be better than one!

Adopted Dec 2004

12/04/04 -

This is just to let you know that these are two great boxers.  I call them the Dynamic Duo and my husband calls them Frick and Frack.  

They get along great together, and even though they are sharing a kennel space, they don't fight over food.  They share nicely... well Sam takes and Sally lets him.  It's a typical male female relationship.  = )

Anyone who gets these two is in for some boxer fun, and no dull moments around the house.

11/28/04 - Sam & Sally

Sam and Sally are the sweetest brother and sister.  They were surrendered by an older couple.  When we picked them up and transported them home, Sam just wanted to give kisses as soon as he got in the car and all the way home.  Sally was scared, but as soon as we got her home and took them into the fenced-in yard, she warmed right up and she couldn't stop her boxer wiggle.  We fell in love with them overnight and found it hard to turn them over to their kennel in the morning (if not for the two we already have, we just might have kept them). 

Sam and Sally should definitely be kept together...they are very close.  They seemed well behaved with their food -- they were perfectly well behaved waiting for their treats -- no food aggression apparent.  They were not so well behaved on their leash, however, they were scared and excited, so it may not have been a true test.  They are super sweet and respond very well when you call them or give them direction.  We don't have details yet on whether they are good with children or cats. 

As I said, we fell in love with Sam and Sally immediately.  It is hard to imagine someone could let them go.  This brief description cannot fully explain how cute and loving they are.  They are wonderful dogs and will make a wonderful addition to some lucky family.


11/27/04 -

Here's Sally, the other half of the Sam and Sally combo.  She's 3 yrs old, and has a sweet disposition.   She gets along well with Sam and let's him have all the treats he wants.  She and Sam really would like a new home for Christmas.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an online application first.  Then e-mail the contacts below.  Be sure to include your full name, city, state, and area code in the subject line of your message.

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