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Kimbo (PA)

Intake Info
fostered in NY
yr old 
brindle w white toes
Cropped ears
Docked Tail
Weight/Size: Medium Boxer

Adopted 12/31/04


12/06/09 - KIMBO - Memorial

It is with great sadness that we must report the passing of the very first boxer we took in under the Adopt A Boxer Rescue name, back on November 25, 2004.

This is an email from his family...

Unfortunately this email does not bring good news.  As you know Kimbo was fighting some growths since the beginning of the year and we almost lost him then from one rupturing.  Back in February we were told he may only live 6 - 8 weeks, well Kimbo made it another 9 months.  We brought Kimbo to the oncologist Thanksgiving weekend in the hopes they might be able to give him some more time and be comfortable.  The news was not encouraging but the doctor suggested starting him on Palladia, the new drug they are testing.  We started him last week.  Amazingly the growths did shrink but Kimbo suffered some side effects mostly lameness in his rear end which he had since we adopted him.  Well, on Friday he had a very difficult time getting up and walking.  Our vet gave us some pain pills to keep him comfortable and a sling to help him along.  He seemed a little bit better on Saturday but Saturday night he cried all night even with Frank sleeping next to him on the floor.  I guess this was our sign that he was uncomfortable and had enough.  We were hoping to make it until Monday so the regular vet to help him over to the other side.  We just couldn't put Kimbo through another 24 hours of pain.  He would not let us leave the room without crying for us to come back.  Me and Frank took him to the local emergency vet we have used in the past and were with him when he left us. It was very hard as Kimbo was probably the best rescue we have had and the longest.  We were so hoping that he would make it to the 5 year mark.  He was 26 days short.  Not bad though. 

Kimbo leaves us with lots of great memories and we were so glad he was able to make it camping with us in October.  He loved his camping.

I have attached a few pictures of Kimbo from the day we adopted him, January 1, 2005.
Me and Frank have decided that we need to take a break.  Kimbo has hit us hard.  It has not been easy watching 5 beloved boxers leave us in only 9 years, plus having to put down our cats Valentino and Baxter.  We still hope to help rescue in anyway we can so please call on us if you need a home visit or whatever. 
It was hard to see him go but we know he is in a better place and in no more pain.
Thanks to you all for your support over the years and what you do for our beloved boxers.
The VanDerlofske Family

01/07/09 - Happy Beginning and Follow up!

Happy New Year's to all.
Four years ago we picked Kimbo up from Lisa.  He looked like our Bo.  Everyone thought they were brothers.  Kimbo has given us a great four years.  They longest of any of our seniors.  We are very greatful to him for staying with us this long. 
Daniel was only 3 when we adopted Kimbo.  Kimbo has been great with him from day one.  Kimbo has sadly watched us put down Valentino and Bo.  He seems to enjoy being the only dog and getting all the attention.  He has also welcomed two new cats into our house.  Ledge was adopted at age 10 about 1 1/2 years ago.  Ledge like all our seniors came with medical issues.  He is a diabetic and we have learned to give him his daily shots.  He is 19 pounds of pure joy.  Frank wanted another Siamese so on December 15th we welcomed Buddah into our home.  I am holding him in one of the pictures.  He is a great addition and reminds us a lot of our Valentino.  He is only about 2 years old.  Him and Kimbo have gotten along great from the second he arrived. 
Kimbo has the greatest personality.  Frank has been spending plenty of quality time with him bringing him to a dog park about once a week.  Kimbo doesn't pay too much attention to the other dogs... just wants to follow Frank around.  Kimbo has really slowed down and has a hard time getting up. He figured out that if he barks, we will come.  He needs a little help with steps but otherwise is managing well.  He still loves his car rides and visits to my mom's. 
We want to thank all of you for what you do.  We do a small part in taking some seniors but it will never match what you all do. 
Everyone have a great 2009.  We are heading cross country the month of July.  If Kimbo chooses to still be with us, he has reservations at my mom's and sister's who will be taking care of him.  Luckily they live all on one level and Kimbo enjoys that.
The VanDerlofske Family.

11/26/04 - New Pic - Making one's self at home...

11/25/04 - Kimbo

Have you ever looked at someone and a song just came into your head?   When they brought Kimbo out from the back of a local kill shelter, I took one look at the sweetest face in the world and started humming Lean On Me and once in the car, thats exactly what he did all the way home.

Ok, Ill admit it Im a sucker for the older ones the knowledge of the world rests in their eyes.  But from the second you meet this boy, something reaches out and grabs your heart and thats exactly what Kimbo has done to me.

All the way home, he rested his head in my lap.  Once home, I introduced him to my own 7-year-old boxer and my 18-year-old cat and the reaction from Kimbo was the same toward both of them  hello, nice to meet you, am I safe now?

The only family hes ever known turned Kimbo into the kill shelter something about moving - but we cant imagine how they could leave behind this gentle family member. 

Kimbo is 100% housebroken, walks wonderfully on lead and never needs to be crated.  Hes left with another dog throughout the workday and he touches nothing.  Kimbo does not know what toys are so were slowly convincing him that toys and chewies are fun things and he can play with them.  Kimbo saw our vet yesterday and he was a perfect gentleman, letting himself be poked and prodded without a single complaint.  Hes very gentle with other animals, big and small and extremely patient when meeting new people that want to say hi and give him some hugs. 

Having Kimbo in your home is like having your best pair of old shoes hes dependable, gentle, and you cant remember your life without him.  If first impressions count for anything, love is in the air and youre going to have to be a really special family to bring this boy home -

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an online application first.  Then e-mail the contacts below.  Be sure to include your full name, city, state, and area code in the subject line of your message.

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