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Needs Foster Home

Rocko (PA)

fostered in PA
1 - 2 yr old 
Natural ears
Docked Tail

10/27/04 From Rocko's last foster home

Rocko was the sweetest dog I have ever met. Had it not been for my dominant female, he would still be with us. Hopefully Rocko will be adopted shortly. Rocko is a wonderful dog and the person who adopts him is going to very lucky. When we took him for a walk, he did not pull the leash. He checked out every fire hydrant and pole. When he had to go to the bathroom, he went to the door. When left alone in the house while we went out, he did not have any mistakes and did not get into anything. At night, he laid down in his bed and that is where he slept the entire night. He was great with my two young children. When told to sit, he did just that and he even knows paw. Even though Rocko was only with us a short time, we cried because we had to return him because of how sweet and kind of a dog Rocko is. As I am writing this, there are tears in my eyes because Rocko is a lovable dog.

Could you please post this so people know how he is?

10/24/04 - Update and new pic

Poor Rocko went to a great home on Saturday. He loved the family and the family loved him. He was great with their two kids and was a complete gentleman the whole time. The family had one problem, their dominant female did not like him and the home was afraid to try it any longer.

Rocko is back at our kennel since we are out fosters. Rocko is housebroken. He loves the car. Rocko is very sweet and loving and behaves well on a leash. Someone took some time somewhere in his life to work with him. We feel he is around 2yrs old. He is thin but gaining steadily. He will make a great pal for someone.

10/17/04 - Rocco

Meet Rocko!  He has only been on this earth for about 1 year and it has been a very tough year for him.  He is extremely thin. The people who found him and his buddy in an abandoned house could no longer afford to feed them so they were dropped off at a PA shelter.  His buddy was not so lucky, she did not pass the "temperament test"  so she was put to sleep. Being so emaciated who wouldn't growl if they took your food away.  I'm not even near emaciated (I'm chubby) by any means but don't dare take my food away.  I guess I would have been put to sleep too.   I would have not had a chance in that shelter.  Lucky for you and me, we are humans!  The dogs aren't as lucky they don't have a voice.

Hopefully, every year after this one will get only better and better for Rocko.  He is a sweet boy who has been around children of all ages.  He just wants to cuddle and play with you.  He is not a fan of cats but loves his squeaky toy!  He was well behaved in the car on the ride from the shelter to the kennel where he must wait until someone contacts AABR to say they can foster him.

Rocko is housebroken and is well behaved when left alone.  He is a bit strong on the leash.  Today he was microchipped, neutered and received all the necessary shots.  This poor boy needs to gain several pounds before he feels like himself again.

As we get to know him we will post more information.  He must go to a home that will be committed to him for the rest of his life!  He never wants to be dropped of at the shelter again and he deserves never to go hungry again.  If you are the human that can commit to this special boy tell, AABR you are the right forever home for Rocko!

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an online application first.  Then e-mail the contacts below.  Be sure to include your full name, city, state, and area code in the subject line of your message.

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