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Charlotte (NY)

fostered in NY
Born 6/24/04
flashy fawn
Natural ears
Docked Tail

ADOPTED Oct 2004

 12/08/04 - Happy Beginning!!!!!

"My name is Faith and we adopted Charlotte Oct. 31st. She is such a sweetheart. We are so happy and fortunate to have the little girl become part of our family. Charlotte is full of happy boxer wiggles, she is smart, silly, active, and full of love. My husband and boys, and of course myself are crazy about her. I want to thank boxer rescue for all there dedication in helping this baby. She came from a terrible situation, and I cannot believe that this puppy who can give so much love can be mistreated. Thank goodness for your wonderful organization. Also, I want to thank Lisa who fostered and loved her and taught her that there are some good people who will treat her kindly. Lisa is a wonderful person, and it was a pleasure to meet her. Also, thanks to the volunteers who did the home study. They were great. I know many people are involved in this adoption process, so thanks to everyone. I can tell you that Charlotte is being loved, spoiled, and is surrounded with people who adore her."

 Sincerely, Mrs. Gluck

09/24/04 - No longer Accepting Apps

9/17/04 - Charlotte
Meet Charlotte - She came to us via a pet store. The store sold Charlotte. It was reported that Charlotte had 2 "episodes" that the people felt might be seizures. The store did not want her anymore so after she was returned to them she was given to us. Our veterinarian sent blood tests to the lab to check all her organs and she is fine. We have had Charlotte under a 24 hour watch for more than 2 weeks and there have been no "episodes". At this time we believe Charlotte is a healthy puppy.    
After a few good meals, lots of love and the new adventure of running in the grass, Charlotte's ribs and hips have filled out and she is ready for her forever home.

Charlotte's personality is wonderful!  It is so much fun to explore the 'world' with her and watch her conquer every new piece of it.  She felt rain for the first time today and was amazed - looking up, wondering where it was coming from and trying to catch as much of it as possible!  She loves her new foster brother and plays with him until she finally wears him out.  She does her best to play with the cat too - but he has no interest in silly puppy behavior.

She caught on to paper training very quickly and is about 70% housebroken - not bad for a girly that spent her life in a cage.  We've begun clicker training with her and she's starting to understand that too - good girl Charlotte!  But what wins everyone over with Charlotte is her desire to cuddle with people - she will snuggle as close as she can and fall asleep in your arms, melting away every bit of trouble that may have come your way.  

Before you decide that you MUST have Charlotte, please understand that one of our main goals is to stop the revolving door lives that so many of our dogs, (and Charlotte is a perfect example) have lived.  So ask yourself, are you home most of the day and night?  Are you prepared for puppy antics - teething, potty accidents, stealing your slippers?  Do you have the time, patience and love that a puppy needs and deserves?  Are you committed to the idea that brining a puppy home means that you are committed to that puppy for its entire lifetime?  Because if you have any doubt, please consider one of our wonderful older dogs.  A puppy means work, lots and lots of work.  But if you believe, as we do, that a puppy can be a wonderful addition to your life, then Charlotte is waiting to meet you and your family (which we hope includes another, older dog to continue teaching Charlotte proper puppy behavior.)  


If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an online application first.  Then e-mail the contacts below.  Be sure to include your full name, city, state, and area code in the subject line of your message.

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Happy Beginning

Pre Adoption

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