Grover (PA)


fostered in PA
2 - 3 yr old 
fawn male
Cropped ears
Docked Tail
Approx Weight:  35 lbs. Now 50 lbs


This is Grover’s current foster home reporting in !!

We have been fostering Grover for almost 3 months now, and He is a joy to be around. His intense curiosity, and head twisting keeps us smiling.

Grover is the most handsome boxer we have ever seen; We have added “GQ” to his name. He is now “GQ Grover”. He is the absolute perfect 65 lb. male boxer. Grover will not run or bolt when unleashed, and prefers to remain close to home and owners. His coat is silky smooth. He loves to play with his toys, and will find the one He wants and bring it to you to engage in playtime. Grover’s reluctance to accept strangers has been vastly improved with some mild anxiety medication. He now can process new sights, sounds, and people with slightly more patience and does not feel the need to instantly react negatively or defensively. He is getting along very well with our older boxer “Jake” (aka Beautiful Sammy). They love to joust and nibble on each other, all in good fun.  He has all of the positive boxer characteristics. The biggest challenge to managing Grover is he is leery upon meeting strangers. Once he gets to know them that perfect Boxer personality comes through.

Grover is still looking for his forever home and is in desperate need of a new foster home! My husband and I love Grover dearly, but since my job changed, we can not provide the attention he needs.
Grover requires a home where he can be with someone the majority of the time. He also needs a low level of social activity – a home without small children (older, responsible children may work) and few new people or social events. He is fully house trained, loves to play ball and go for walks/jogs and enjoys his many other toys. He has been very good not to play with our personal belongings around the house, with the exception of food left unattended and laundry, therefore, a secure trashcan and clothes hamper are required. Grover is a very affectionate dog, but he does not like new people (or strangers) and can be defensive towards them. We have managed this by informing new people how to meet and greet Grover.
Once he has been introduced to someone, he will warm up to them. Initially they may not be able to be very interactive with him, but after a short while he will be wanting to play ball with them and begging them for attention.
If you have a home that meets this description and could open your hearts to this lovable little guy, please contact us asap.

11/21/03 - Update from the foster home
This little guy is incredible. I can’t believe how far he has come during the short time he has spent with us. When Grover first came to live with us, his true spirit had been dampened by his journey. He wouldn’t take treats from you (not even roast beef!), rarely wiggled his tail and never performed the boxer “happy dance” that we all know and love. He had no idea who to trust and had decided that strangers were a potential threat to him. After being in a couple of shelters, a short stay at a foster home and another short stay at a kennel, it was no mystery how this little fellow got so stressed out. Now all of that has changed. Taking treats? No problem! The boxer butt wiggle? No problem!

He is fully house broken and knows what is his. The only exception has been his namesake (are you familiar with Grover off of Sesame Street?); a secure trashcan and hamper are recommended. Although he has made progress with the crate, we don’t believe he was previously crate trained and would prefer not to be kept in a crate. We do not allow him on the furniture and have two dog beds for him – one in the family room and one in our bedroom – both of which he uses voluntarily. In the evenings, he sleeps in our room on his bed.

He is an incredibly lovable companion who craves attention and always wants to be included in everything you do. With as soft as his coat is, you can’t help but want to pet him. I work from my home office about half of the time and he is always right there at my desk. We keep an entire basket of toys in our family room for him, from which he will grab toys out of and bring them to us or just go play with them himself. He is particularly fond of the first new toy we gave him – a solid red rubber Kong ball. His favorite activities are playing ball and walks around the neighborhood.  Just the site of one of us putting on a coat and Grover bursts into his happy dance under the anticipation that he is going for a walk or going outside to play ball.

The biggest challenge for Grover has been accepting strangers. We have been able to successfully introduce him to new people, and it gets easier each time. Once Grover knows you, he loves you and is your best friend. However, Grover needs a patient home who can accommodate his needs and continue to work with him.  Therefore, we feel the best match for Grover would be a home where he would encounter only a few visitors in a controlled environment. This little guy is great and deserves a wonderful forever home, are you his forever home?

10/11/03 -

Grover is now a healthy 50 lbs, and looking for his forever home.

08/18/03 - Update
We are searching for an experienced Boxer home to help us with this poor little guy. He is so scared he doesn't know who to trust. We took him to the vet's office and this was obviously not a good experience for him in the past. He got really stressed and scared and has had a hard time ever since that visit with trusting anyone.

PLEASE HELP, his foster home could not keep him and he is now back at the shelter!!!! 

If you are a calm home with no children please help us. He does enjoy the company of other dogs. 

08/11/03 - Grover 
Grover is 2-3 year old little male boy. This bundle of joy weighs in at a whopping 35 pounds! and yes, he is all boxer. 

This poor guy was left tied to a pole outside of a humane society, scared and shivering. He is good with other dogs, but no children as we have no history on him. 

He knows sit, down, come and paw. Once he warms up to you, he sticks right by your side. 

We will be putting him in a foster home shortly so we will update you as we learn more about him. 

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an online application first.  Then e-mail the contact below.  Be sure to include your full name, city, state, and area code in the subject line of your message.

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